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How to Make Your Home Pet Friendly

July 3rd, 2017 at 11:32 pm by Annette Masterson

Your pets are part of your family and you’d most likely do just about anything to ensure they’re taken care of and loved. And yet often homeowners don’t do enough in making sure that their pets will be safe even in their own home! Here are some things you can do to make your home pet friendly:

– Just like you might do for children, get down on all fours and take a look at your home from that point of view. Get rid of strangulation concerns like window blind cords and electrical cords.

– Pets can curiously get into things just like kids can so make sure that your medications and cleaning supplies are in locked cabinets or are up high and inaccessible for any kind of animal.

– Dispose of any plants that may be unsafe for animals to eat. Lillies, poinsettia and mums are just a few of the common but dangerous plants that could be lethal for animals to ingest.

– Make a space for animals to relax and enjoy so they won’t try to rest in dangerous places like under your car or in a tight space like the dryer. A soft bed, food and water are the essentials while things like toys and doggie doors to a fenced-in backyard can make your life easier and a pet’s life more enjoyable.

– Install pet-friendly flooring options throughout your home if you’d like to keep it as low-maintenance as possible. Laminate or pre-finished wood products are great choices while carpet and unsealed hardwoods can become torn and scratched easily.

– Purchase pet-friendly upholstered furniture; look for products that can’t easily be scratched and torn and that won’t show stains easily. Oftentimes furniture stores have lines of furniture that they will recommend for pet owners.

– A central vacuum, while expensive to install, can be helpful in vacuuming your home often, especially if you have a pet that sheds constantly. Even if you don’t have a central vacuum, plan to vacuum a few times a week to keep your home clean and inviting to others.

– Spray your yard for ticks and mosquitos to cut down on the chances that your pet will be bitten.

– If your pet will be outdoors during some of the day, make sure that there is enough shade to keep them cool even on the hottest days.

How have you altered your home to ensure that it is pet-friendly to your favorite furry creatures?

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